PRIVATE LESSON: $65-$155 PER SESSION ~  Scroll down for class dated & times.

Private appointments are available whatever time you need them.  That includes evenings and weekends. The cost for a private session is $65 at my location Monday through Friday during the hours between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  The cost for a weekend or evening appointment is $75.  I have very limited availability for in your home/location visits and the cost begins at $155 if you live locally.  A session is at least one hour.  I am a full time dog trainer with my own business, not an employee or a hobbyist so I am very happy to work with you around your schedule.

                                                                    Small Classes of 6 to 8

No prong/pinch collars or shock/e-collars.

Only Positive Methods, No Harsh Corrections 

(To disrupt barking or whining or unwanted behaviors, ex. jumping on people,

I do suggest the use of water spray bottles, PET CORRECTOR (air in a can),

and shaker cans with pennies in them.)

​Each class is approx. 1 hour long

                                        NOV ~ DECEMBER CLASSES LISTED BELOW IN RED

CLASSES OFFERED      Each class is approx. 1 hour long (1/2 Playtime/Socialization Before Each Class  
6:30 pm for evening classes; 10:30 a.m. for morning classes)

​Please also include or bring to week one a copy of your up to date vaccination records. A negative fecal report is also required within the last 6 months. For the safety of your pet and the other participants, no dog will be admitted to the training classes without this paperwork.    Thank you

I require the classes to be prepaid.  My preferred method of payment is VENMO or I can send you an invoice that you can pay online.  If you want to drop off cash or a check please make your check payable to Sandra Harknett.  The address is 537 Old Folkstone Rd, Holly Ridge, NC 28445.  Thank you (I only take 6/8 dogs per class so no refunds will be given 1 week before the class starts or once the class has begun.)  Please sign here__________________________indicating that you are aware this of no refunds and no exceptions policy.  Thank you.

Call Sandra at 910-777-9968 for more information.


​CLASSES OFFERED      Each class is approx. 1 hour long


CLASSES OFFERED      Each class is approx. 1 hour long

MONDAY @ 7:00 p.m. NOVEMBER 27, December 4, 11 & 18~ PUPPY/ADULT DOG OBEDIENCE 4 Weeks / $120 total cost AKC CGC evaluation done at end of class #4

TUESDAY @ 11:00 a.m. NOVEMBER 28, December 5, 12 & 19~ PUPPY/ADULT DOG OBEDIENCE 4 Weeks / $120 total cost AKC CGC evaluation done at end of class #4)

Free Open Play Time for Puppies & Dogs 30 minutes before each class to expend some energy and curiosity about the other dogs and people so the dog's mind can concentrate.  It is strongly recommended that you come to this or your dog may be anxious and disruptive during class.

The obedience classes are once a week for 4 weeks and will teach you how to train your dog in the basic obedience commands he/she needs to be a good family member.  Puppies can learn the same as adult dog; you do not need several sets or levels of classes. He/she will learn, SIT, STAY, LAY DOWN, HEEL, TOUCH, LEAVE IT, TAKE IT, WALK ON A LOOSE LEASH, WAIT, NOT TO JUMP ON PEOPLE, TRADE, COME when called and more.  Many dog training skills and techniques will be covered.  Also there is a health tip each week (vaccinations, food, toys, teeth brushing, etc.) The cost is $120 for all 4 weeks and includes the AKC CGC testing evaluation on week 4.

Call Sandra at 910-777-9968 for more information.

Taught by Sandra Harknett ~ 910-777-9968

Certified Precision Pet Dog Trainer

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

AKC Approved Testing Evaluator

Therapy Dog Evaluator
LEFT PAW - RIGHT PAW Service Dog Trainer ID#8S0L4H6