$600 for PHASE 1

Only PHASE 1 is needed in most cases to become an accredited service dog.)

Although my Service Dog training is only $600 that does not mean that it is "Bargain Basement" or inferior training. If you question why I am so inexpensive, the real question you should ask (and get an answer to) is why are all the other trainers so expensive! I welcome anyone interested in training your own dog or getting a Service Dog to come and watch a class or a one on one Service Dog training (if the person does not mind). Then you can make your own informed decision. I do not pretend to be anything that I am not or to train dogs to do something that I do not train. I mainly specialize in PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, TBI, Sexual Trauma & Mobility. I do not train seizure dogs, diabetic alert and other specialized conditions. HOWEVER, many of my clients have dogs that are already picking up on or alerting to those conditions for their owner. If that is the case, I can help with all the obedience and social skills your dog would need to be out in public in any and all situations. We will also take the PAT (Public Access Test) upon completion of the program. YOU tell ME when you are finished and feel comfortable to be on your own with your dog. AND you have a lifelong guarantee for me to help you at any time if your dog develops any Service Dog related problems. If you do not have a dog I can possibly be of assistance helping you to find one. I also start training puppies at 8 weeks and there are no breed restrictions. Please call me to discuss your needs or if your condition was not listed. The above is not the total list of all the things I can train a dog to do for you. You will need to have a medically documented disability and a doctor's letter indicating that a service dog would be beneficial for you. Legally I cannot make that determination. Lots and lots of references are available from happy clients with well mannered service dogs. Please CALL.  Texts and messages cannot be responded to in a timely manner.

Unfortunately because of abuse of my payment program, I can no longer allow payments to be made on the Service Dog Training.  The $600 must be paid in full at the commencement of training.  When you call me I set up  a no charge consultation appointment for you and when you and your dog (and any other friends or family members) come I go over the service dog laws with you.  I then do a complimentary lesson to show you how I train and how I relate to you and your dog.  After that is when you make the decision if you want to continue with me.  We make another appointment to actually start the training and that is when the full payment of $600 would be due.  So . . . please contack me if you have any questions or to set up an appointment.

Taught by Sandra Harknett ~ 910-777-9968

Certified Precision Pet Dog Trainer

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

AKC Approved CGC & STAR Puppy Testing Evaluator

LOAL Therapy Dog Evaluator

LEFT PAW - RIGHT PAW Service Dog Trainer ID #5S0L8H6

Certified Precision Pet Dog Trainer; Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer; AKC Approved CGC & STAR Puppy Testing Evaluator; LOAL Therapy Dog Evaluator & LEFT PAW - RIGHT PAW Service Dog Trainer ID# 8S0L4H6

PLEASE CALL or TEXT 910-777-9968


"The therapy dog movement is based on the human – animal bond; the affection that dogs have for people and that people have for dogs. A therapy dog can be any size, body shape, breed, mixture of breeds, color, coat type, or sex. The assistance may be emotional: by showing the person being visited that he is loved and lovable. The person being visited may smile, cry, hug the dog, pet the dog, or laugh while the dog performs tricks.

The help might also be physical: encouraging a stroke victim to move an arm by petting the dog or throwing a ball for the dog. Any help the therapy dog provides is based upon the relationship – the bond – people and dogs have shared for thousands of years."
From "Love on a Leash", by Liz Palika (2013)