Gabriella  (9-27-2003 to 10-31-2016),

Paddington, Harmony, Wolfie, Blakely &

(Marcus 6-15-2007 to 1-20-2017)

Purrfect Pooches Dog Training

Teddy Bear, Journey, Wolfie, Gabrianna, AppleJax,

Paddington, Blakely & Harmony  July 2018

"About Me" 

I am a full time dog trainer; not a store employee or a trainer/hobbyist.  My husband and I and our dogs and cat (deceased Sept 2015) moved to the area in January, 2015 from Dubois, PA.  My daughter and I vacationed at North Topsail Beach for two years and were impressed with the people & beach.

We had a Doggie Daycare, Training Center and Retail Store in DuBois, PA.  We were the only store in the area selling only food and treats made in the USA.  I had three or four weekly Basic Obedience and/or Therapy Dog classes averaging eight dogs per class.  I am an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and a Precision Pet Certified Dog Trainer.  I am also an approved AKC Evaluator for the AKC Good Citizen, STAR Puppy classes and the new Community Canine Dog Advanced Certificate.

I started a LOVE ON A LEASH Therapy Dog chapter in DuBois in 2012.  We regularly went to the hospital, nursing homes and assisted living.  One of our graduates became a library dog that the children with reading problems would read to.  I am currently still doing Therapy Dog Classes in the Topsail NC area.  The initial evaluation for dogs to start the process to become certified Therapy Dogs is done during the class and then we go on location someplace.

In 2014 I started LEFT PAW - RIGHT PAW SERVICE DOG TRAINING.  I don't make the determination if a person needs a service dog but I can help them get their dog to the point where they can go out into public places (passing the Public Access Test PAT) if their physician has determined that a service dog would be beneficial to them.  Soon after I arrived in NC I was contacted by Bart Sherwood from TADSAW (Train a Dog, Save a Warrior) to become an accredited trainer with their program.  I accepted and I work with veterans or active military individuals who have PTSD, TBI or similar medical issues to obtain a dog for them or evaluate their current dog for the program.  It is free for the military person.  (website  The program is still active but I am no longer a trainer with them.

I was the number one recommended trainer in the DuBois area by veterinarians and groomers and I have also created a good reputation in this area.

In the event you have friends, family, customers or employees that are looking for a dog trainer to help with their dog, I would appreciate you sharing this info with them. 

I regularly offer group classes for the AKC Canine Good Citizen, CGCA (Community Canine) [I add more in depth & advanced things to both classes], AKC STAR Puppy program, AKC TRICK Dog Class for Titles, Agility Classes, Therapy Dog Classes and Service Dog Training one on one.  Please visit those pages on my website for more information and to look at the pictures.

I have numerous former clients that could give references if needed.  I also offer private in your home or at my location lessons for any of the classes and/or problem solving for behavioral issues.  I generally do not address aggression issues because dogs will be dogs and there is no guaranteed "fix" and I choose not to take on that liability.  There are a few trainers in the area that do specialize in aggression.


Sandra Harknett (910-777-9968)

Certified Precision Pet Dog Trainer

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

AKC Approved CGC & STAR Puppy Testing Evaluator

Love on a Leash Therapy Dog Evaluator

LEFT PAW - RIGHT PAW Service Dog Trainer ID #5S0L8H6