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I repeatedly hear that $600 could not possibly pay for much of a Service Dog Training plan.  Two member of my family have service dogs and they would not have been able to (or wanted to pay thousands) to train their dogs.  If you read my Service Dog page you'll see that I do not promise "miracles" just sound training.  And that ends up with the adjective of having "miraculous" results often.  With that in mind I have added a TESTIMONIAL page to my website.  ~Sandra Harknett~ 5/15/2019

TESTIMONIAL:  I cannot thank Ms. Sandra enough. She has trained both my service dogs. I could not ask for anyone better. She shows her care and concern with each person and animal. Within 4 weeks she had my puppy doing all kinds of commands. She never does it for the money but for the people. The cost was so reasonable for all the things she has done. Misha is on her way to full-service dog mode. I am so glad she was able to train my second service dog. The care and dedication she has shown me, my family and my dog have touched us so much. I would highly recommend her for all your training needs. Come by meet her and her dogs. You’ll feel loved and dedication.

HC & Mischa (Jacksonville) 5-14-2019

TESTIMONIAL:   Anyone that had a disability that thinks they may benefit from a service dog ? I have a special needs child  that definitely does.  We knew we qualified but the waiting list was 4+ yrs long and several thousand $$$$
I researched to see if it was possible to get personal training / coach to help me train my own dog :)
That’s when I found Sandra at Purrfect Pooches (LEFT PAW-RIGHT PAW SERVICE DOG TRAINING).
Amazing we worked together with the dog and the child in the classroom out in stores restaurants etc 
How do you spell happy for a fraction of the price?
I not only have a well behaved dog but a child who benefits from his training ❤️
I highly recommend if your looking to do service dog training to check her out you won’t be sorry!

LA "Jack Frost" (Wilmington) 5-14-2019

I have many more testimonials that I could post.  If you need current recommendations or references please contact me.

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References are available upon request from Service Dog Clients and people who have taken the group classses.

Please contact me.